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Station announcements are commonplace in virtually all subway and light rail systems and can also be found on many trains and buses. There is a large variety in the announcement systems used on different transit systems: Male voices, female voices, jingles; announcements played before leaving the station, while the train is in motion, or when the doors open at a station. Every transit authority has developed their own way of informing passengers of where they are. In some systems, the announcements include information on connecting services, or they tell you wich side the platform is on or that the service terminates at the respective station.
This websites aims at giving you a variety of examples of station announcements from different transit systems. You will usually find the announcements from one whole line to give you an experience of how informative and clear the announcements are, and if they are actually loud enough to be understood in every day use. If you're interested in the announcement for a certain station of a line not featured on haltestellenansage.de, just send me an email and maybe I can help you out. The "Specials" section features interesting changes some transit companies have done to their announcements to make them more interesting (e.g. using children to announce the stations).
And now, enjoy the announcements!

Haltestellenansage.de features the following sections:

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This page ...in case you took a wrong train (;o)

> Announcements

This is the main section of the website, featuring announcements from several subway systems around the world as well as light rail systems from northwest Germany and bus systems from around the city of Bremen .

> Updates

This section lists updates of haltestellenansage.de to allow you to check what's new since your last visit. 

> Specials

This section is for anything that doesn't quite fit into the other sections. One of the things you can find here is a pictorial journey of the longest light rail ride in Germany.

> About me

A brief section about me and my interest in recording station announcements

> Links

I am, of course, not the only person who operates a website on station announcements. The links section features a selection of other websites related to either station announcements or other transit-related topics that I thought were pretty interesting.

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The recordings on this site are meant to demonstrate how each individual transit company uses their announcements. All recordings were made by me in regularly scheduled services. Commercial use and publication of the recordinds is not permitted.

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