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Children's announcements in Bremen, April 2007

Bremen's "big brother" (Hamburg) already had announcements spoken by children, so it was only a matter of time until Bremen would follow that fad. Finally, in April 2007, a local radio station recorded announcements for all downtown stops spoken by children. These announcements were used for a week initially, but the children's announcements stuck around for another few days after that. All children's announcements from Bremen can be found here.

Children's announcements in Hamburg's subway system 2006

"Kinder sagen, wo es langgeht" ("Children tell you where we're going"). Together with a German TV station, Hamburg's subway operator recorded new announcements for all the stations many tourists go to. As opposed to the normal announcements, the new announcements were spoken by children (more information - in German - can be found here. The announcements were played a few weeks prior to the World Cup 2006, and once the normal announcements were back, people petitioned for the children's announcements to return. They were still played at the end of 2006, and of course you can find all these announcements on haltestellenansage.de -> Children's announcements.


The recordings on this site are meant to demonstrate how each individual transit company uses their announcements. All recordings were made by me in regularly scheduled services. Commercial use and publication of the recordinds is not permitted.

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