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Please note: Not all of the announcement reflect the rearrangement of subway lines in December 2004

Small gauge lines (all announcements from 2002!!):
These lines account for the oldest part of the subway system and operate directly underneath the surface of the street mostly from west to east. The tunnels have tight curves and require narrower cars.

Krumme Lanke <> Wittenbergplatz <> Nollendorfplatz <> Warschauer Str.

Uhlandstr. <> Wittenbergplatz <> Nollendorfplatz <> Warschauer Str.

Ruhleben <> Zoologischer Garten <> Wittenbergplatz <> Nolldendorfplatz <> Alexanderplatz <> Pankow

Nollendorfplatz <> Innsbrucker Platz

Large gauge lines:
The first large gauge lined opened in the 1920s and operate mostly from north to south. Cars travel at a faster speed because the curves aren't as tight, the tunnels are wider and located at a deeper level. Consequently, wider cars are used.

Alexanderplatz <> Lichtenberg <> Wuhletal <> Hönow (announcements from 2006)

Alt-Tegel <> Leopoldplatz <> Friedrichstr. <> Tempelhof <> Alt-Mariendorf (Alt-Tegel to Kochstr. from 2006, other announcements from 2002!)

Rathaus Spandau <> Bismarckstr. <> Yorckstr. <> Hermannplatz <> Neukölln <> Rudow(announcements from 2002)

Wittenau <> Osloer Str. <> Alexanderplatz <> Hermannplatz <> Hermannstr. (Wittenau to Weinmeisterstr from 2006, other announcements from 2002!)

Osloer Str. <> Leopoldplatz <> Zoologischer Garten <> Bundesplatz <> Rathaus Steglitz (announcements from 2002!)


The recordings on this site are meant to demonstrate how each individual transit company uses their announcements. All recordings were made by me in regularly scheduled services. Commercial use and publication of the recordinds is not permitted.

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