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In 2000, the announcement for the next station was played shortly before reaching the next station. It always starts with "The approaching station is", followed by important places of interest near the respective station as well as connecting bus services departing from the station. For emphasis, the station name is repeated, followed by "...is your next station", at the end of the announcement. At the terminus of each line, passengers are made aware of the end of the line with the announcement "This is the end of the ... line", followed by a request to leave the train ("All passengers are asked to exit the train at this location"). Politely, the announcement adds "Thank you for riding MARTA!".
Die presented announcements are those I've heard during serveral visits in 2000. They have meanwhile been replaced by newer versions.


Miscellaneous announcements:

I apologize for the poor quality of the sound files. A transcript of the announcements is available here.

Announcement 1 ("Remember to look for the latest news on MARTA in a brochure located by each door!")

Announcement 2 ("For safety, please remember to hold the hands of small children while traveling on MARTA" )

Announcement 3 ("We're interested in your comments about MARTA! Call our Customer Service Center at: 404-848-4800")

Announcement 4 ("Please be courteous to other passengers by standing to the side to allow exiting passengers to leave before entering the train!")

Announcement 5 ("In case of an emergency, this train is equipped with an intercom located in the front and back of each rail car" )

Announcement 6 ("Ask your employer about special monthly pass discounts for riding MARTA!" )

Announcement 7 ("Safety always comes first at MARTA! Please watch your step when entering and exiting the train!" )<

Announcement 8 ("MARTA offers the best trip to the airport! We're your easiest train to plane connection!") <

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The recordings on this site are meant to demonstrate how each individual transit company uses their announcements. All recordings were made by me in regularly scheduled services. Commercial use and publication of the recordings is not permitted.

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