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The announcements consist of gong-sound followed by the name of the respective stop. The announcement is played shortly after the bus has departed from the previous stop. THe announcements used to come from a cassette, until all buses were fitted with electronic modules in 2003.

Special information in the announcements:
Only the actual names of the stops are announced. No information about connecting services or places of interest is included in the announcements as long as they're not part of the station name anyway. That means the extensive list of connecting bus lines that used to be announced in analog days is gone. No extra information is added at the last stop of the line. However, when a bus reaches the border of a fare zone, the word "Tarifgrenze" ("tariff border" is added). Since the introduction of a new bus schedule in late 2008, the announcements for inner-city stops with multiple bus bays now include the letter of the line's bus bay.

Noise factor:
The announcements are usually loud enough to be audible even over the noise of the engine.

Samples - Announcements from line 307 (ZOB - Drielake):

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The recordings on this site are meant to demonstrate how each individual transit company uses their announcements. All recordings were made by me in regularly scheduled services. Commercial use and publication of the recordinds is not permitted.

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