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06-Feb-2008 A year has passed since the last real update. However, this time, quite a few things have changed on the site: In the subway section, you can find new announcements from Amsterdam and London . The London section now features more District line and - brand new - Piccadilly line announcements. More announcements in the light rail section as well: While there are few changes on the German systems, I managed to collect more announcements from England: From Croydon Tramlink, Manchester's Metrolink and the Sheffield Supertram. The site now also features announcements from the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). Even though the DLR is very close to a proper subway system, I categorized it as a "light rail" system, and the DLR announcements can be found in the light rail section. Due to the new material and the limited space, some other parts had to go. So I decided to shut down the Suburban Rail section in favor of concentrating haltestellenansage.de on announcements from local transit vehicles.
05-Jan-2007 Happy New Year! The last month of th eold year saw me visiting Hamburg again. I can now update the sections about Hamburg's suburban rail system and Hamburg's subway. The World Cup in the summer of 2006 saw the introduction of English announcements on Hamburg's suburban rail system, while Hamburg's subway system adopted an idea that has been used for years on Hannover's light rail system: German announcements from a female voice, English annoucements from a male voice. A nice pre-World Cup feature was the replacement of some normal announcements by new versions spoken by children. While this was supposed to be a temporary idea, riders asked the subway operator to bring back the children's announcements after the World Cup. All of those annoucements can be found in the "Specials" section. The links section has also been updated. New announcements can also be found from Cologne's light rail system.
12-Nov-2006 Just a small update to the Berlin subway pages because I spent a weekend in Berlin with a friend. Of course, that did not leave me a lot of time to record new announcements. A lot has changed in the subway network since my last visit in 2002. Notably, the "Metro"-lines introduced in 2004 are now mentioned in the announcements as well. However, until I find more time to return to Berlin for a longer stay, most of my Berlin subway announcements will be out of date. I made sure to write down which announcements from Berlin's subway are from 2006 and which ones are still from 2002.
28-Jul-2006 The website has undergone a redesign. The basic contents as well as the navigation have not been changed, but the layout has been simplified and now features dynamic banners to give you an impression of the type of rolling stock each system or line uses. Of course there is new content as well, mostly from England because I spent a week there visiting different cities. First of all, the London Underground-page now features almost the complete set of announcements from all underground lines. The biggest change, however, took place on the Light rail-page: It now features all of England's light rail systems with the exception of the Docklands Light Railways. I apologize if some links may be broken - please let me know if you encounter any problems.
02-Dec-2005 A business trip to Hamburg offered the opportunity to complete my subway announcements from Hamburg. I only had about one hour of time for riding the subways, but I was lucky enough to have a set of new DT4 trains pull up when I wanted to ride the U3 line. The old DT3 trains that normally serve the line are horribly noisy while DT4s offer a smooth and quiet ride - perfect for recording announcements. The result can be found here (U3 announcements).
20-Aug-2005 My vacation time is over, which provides the perfect opportunity for an update. First of all, the Bielefeld section has been completed and now features all announcements from the Bielefeld light rail system. In addition, I checked out the Kassel light rail system for the first time in my life and made sure to bring back home as many announcements as I could. Some samples can be found on the Kassel page. Last but not least I visited Hanover again. To spice up my website, I decided to delete the announcements from Hanover's #1 line and replaced them with the annoucements from the #3 line, which can be found in the Hanover section.
15-July-2005 Hamburg, commonly referred to as the Gate to the World, decided to update their announcements. To cater for international tourists, Hamburg's subway transit authority added announcements in English for important downtown destinations. I had to record all the Hamburg announcements from Hamburg's subway again. They can be found on the Hamburg subway-page. Since I was in Hamburg anyway, I made sure to complete my S-Bahn announcements. I (almost) finished the S1 announcements, and I was lucky enough to find a new train on the S2 line, which is served during rush hour only and normally with older cars that do not have announcements. The results are to be found on the Hamburg S-Bahn page.
09-May-2005 Three transit companies have completely redone their announcements, which forced me to delete three sets of old announcements and to replace them by the new ones. So check out the Bonn light rail page for new announcements donated to me. In addition, the Bielefeld light rail page features the new announcements for the 1 and 3 lines. I will add the 2 and 4 lines as soon as I can find the time to ride them. Last but not least: Amsterdam has new announcements! Check them out.
27-March-2005 London is always an interesting destination (and it is not even expensive to get there as plane tickets start at 31 EUR for a round trip!). Of course I took some time to record more announcements, which you can find on the updated London page.
23-February-2005 Updated layout to allow Mozilla-type browers to load this website properly! Also, I finally finished the bus section of this website, where you can now find announcement from bus systems in Bremerhaven, Oldenburg and Osnabrück. The Hanover section now freatures announcements from the #1 instead of the #6 light rail line.
14-November-2004 More Hamburg announcements! I took a day off to complete the S3 announcements as well as the northern branch of the S1. I've finally managed to get S31 announcements - all of them!
28-September-2004 I have completely remodeled the entire website. Finally, all frames are gone! The new site features several windows and a navbar at the top, which will provide easy access to all sections of the site.
13-June-2004 A business trip to Hamburg finally allowed me to (virtually) complete my collection of Hamburg subway announcements. I now have all the U3-announcements. Check it out: This way to Hamburg.
30-May-2004 I (once again) made it to London for 8 days. Of course I've collected more announcements during that time. Unfortuantely, I noticed that London Underground Limited had recorded new announcements for all lines, so I had to start over. Consequently, some announcements from the previous website have been replaced with the new version. At any rate, you will now find more announcements from London compared to the old site. Just take a look: London Underground announcements
18-April-2004 Haltestellenansage.de kicks off...as a preliminary version until I can find the time to redo a few pages. The preliminary version is based, in most parts, on my previous website about station announcements (http://mitglied.lycos.de/ansagen). Some links may not work properly yet. I apologize for any inconvenience and would appreciate a short notice about anything you think should be fixed.


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